Hey guys!


Welcome to my blog! So first thing first, wanna know what I’ll be talking about? Yes? OK let’s do this!

Need hair help? Good news.. I’m a licensed cosmetologist. Ill show you tutorials and give you my diy’s for hair treatments, makeup, and of course my crazy experiments.

A lot of us have kiddos.. As do I. He’s super sweet, yet as a first time mom.. Let me tell ya its so not easy. Plus my little man has bilateral club feet. So you get all the details on our clubfoot journey!

Have a boyfriend, girlfriend? Fiance? Husband,wife? Yes? Okay.. This topic is probably one of my fav. Can’t wait to just talk relationship!

Also after gaining 40+ pounds during my pregnancy.. I’ll share my weight loss journey with you as well! Starting today actually. Do I eat healthy? Mmm. Not so much. So I’ll share a real life weightloss journey where you won’t feel so bad about eating a piece of cake every so often. Or in my case pizza rolls! I eat them way too often. Haha.

Okay so stay tuned! Comment me questions or topics you wanna know about! I’ll gladly cover whatever you guys wanna hear! I have soo many stories.