Hey guys! so I don’t about you, but as soon as I found out about essential oils, I jumped to it. And I am in love. I thought that it was crazy like a placebo effect. And maybe it is, but I don’t care. They help me and that’s what matters. So how do you use them? Let me tell you what I do.


I have bad anxiety, so to help me, I smell a little bit of lavender. Sometimes I put just a drop on my chest, just to last a little longer. It helps me stay calm and focused so I don’t think of all the bad things that anxiety causes. 


Okay peppermint is my most used essential oil. I suffer from fibro cystic breast, so they hurt constantly. If it’s worse than normal I put a little of the peppermint oil on the sots that hurt and bam! Pain is gone. Also good for those sore muscles after working out. My favorite use for it…. spider be gone. Mix a few drops in a spray bottle with some water and spray around the house. You will notice less spiders and bugs. 


Clover is amazing for tooth pain. I had my wisdom teeth pulled in april. It was a very bad experience for me. One of the teeth was impacked. So therefore they struggled to get it out. Not to mention I had no anesthesia just some novacaine. Due to it being impacted and the struggle to get it out, I ended up with some nerve damage. The pain of that and the slowness of the healing took a good month. So after 2 weeks of ice, ibprophen and pain killers, I was tired of taking pills. So I remembered I had some clove oil. It was way more effective than any pill could ever be. I was able to finally sleep again! Whoop whoop! So seriously, if any of you have tooth pain, take a cotton ball and soak it in a mixture of clove oil and water (or olive oil) then put the cottonball where the pain is. Leave that on for 2 mins or so. Pain is gone. Now heads up, it taste horrible! But it’s so worth it.


Oh lemon! Honestly I just use the lemon in my water. It taste great and its so good for your body. Helps balance everything out, helps stay hydrated and may help aid weightloss. Did I mention it taste good?!


This one is perfect is you are sick or just not feeling yourself. I put this in my sons humidifier if he is coming down with a cold or just stuffed up. For me, I put a few drops in the bathtub with some epson salt. Just soak and relax. 


So for me I use this in my humidifier. It helps fight all the bad toxins in your body. It’s even known to fight cancer cells. So why not try it? 

Okay so those are my most used essential oils. If you have any new tips for me to try, please leave me a comment and let me know. I’m currently working up to collecting alot more of them. So I may do an update on this later on. Thanks for reading!