Hey guys! So today I am going to give you my review on the Jaclyn Hill pallete!

Okay so first, I was extremely excited about this, I made sure I had my money ready to go for weeks before the launch date. I waited online for 10 mins before the launch release just to make sure I got it. And I did! So let’s get to it!

Okay so this palette is no joke! I am so obsessed. I had to do swatches as soon as I got it, duh! And if they look sloppy, I’m sorry I was doing it with my left hand, due to the fact that I didn’t want my tattoo to ruin the shot. Haha. 

they came out beautiful! The colors are so creamy and full of color!

So I had to play a little! I went out of my comfort zone and tried so many bold colors that I normally wouldn’t do. Let me tell you, since then I have done it again just to wear as an everyday. 

So I normally don’t do a red eyeshadow.  This red and burnt orange is stunning, defiantly made my green eyes pop! 

Now gold, is one of my favorites! Gold is a green eyes best friend. So just to add some color, I added some green. So simple yet beautiful. 

Next..um hello colors! This has been one of my favorites that I have done. The colors are so blendable. Blue to purple! What’s not to love. Plus the right color of brown to make it a beautiful smokey eye. 

Also please excuse those eyebrows. 

Okay, so my over all review! I will buy it again when I run out. These colors are truly unique. Every color is a different type of texture. They all wear so beautifully and differently.  I would recommend! 11/10! 

Have you guys tried her pallette? What do you think? Let me know!