Hey guys!  So are any of you gardeners? In the months before spring, I am so excited to get my garden going. I mark my calender on when to start indoors, and when to move them outside. For the area I live in I have to be careful not to put them outside too soon. We get a late frost. This year I had so many flowera, I just transplanted them outside in the middle of may. We got a late frost and they all got affected. So next year I will wait longer. 

What are your favorite things to grow? I’ll share some of mine. 


Cactus are one of my favorites for all year long. In the spring time they bloom so pretty. If you have trouble keeping plants alive, cactus is the way to go. They are unkillable! 

Lavender, succulents and aloe vera

So lavender, is calming yet so beautiful. It’s something that you can grow indoors and regrow from a cutting(Why I only have one lonely one for now). Succulents are a nothing type of plant that is difficult to kill. They come in all shapes and colors. Not only are they beautiful, but the just make you happy looking at them (currently in the process of planting more, that’s why it looks bare). Aloe vera, one of my absoulte favorites. Aloe vera is useful for soooo many things. I just transplanted this little baby into a new pot. Now time to watch it take off. Out of all my plants the aloe is the most picky. The only one that stays indoors. The sun burns it. So be careful with that, if you plan on having on in the future. 


I also have some kale growing too. I live kale in my smoothies, salads, and kale chips. Kale is so good for you, so why not grow it? If you want my recipe for my kale chips, let me know.

Broccoli & cauliflower 

I’m a huge veggie fan. One of my favorites are broccoli and cauliflower. These plants haven’t produced any yet, but I’m hoping soon they will. Cauliflower has become one of my most used. You can use it to make rice, pizza crust and my favorite spicy baked. 


Okay so I don’t eat lettuce, therefore I eat alot of spinach. I used to love lettuce. when I got pregnant with my son, lettuce happened to be the one thing I ended up getting sick from and I still can’t eat it, even after 2 years (weird, right?). So I do a spinach salad instead. Plus spinach has so many vitamins. What’s not to love. 

Green beans

So I finally have green beans growing. They are getting bigger by the day! I’m so excited to try them. It’s my first year trying to grow green beans. So we shall see. 

Cherry tomatoes

So the one thing I have in my garden every year are my cherry tomatoes. They are such a simple and nutritional snack. Plus my toddler with eat them with me, so that’s a winner. 

Some other veggies I have in my garden are; roma tomatoes, peas, carrots, and pumpkin. I would love to have some jalapeños, but for some reason they never grow for me. Have any tips? I would love it! 

Has anyone ever tried to grow a clementine tree indoors? What about a lemon tree? I’m really wanting to try, so any tips would be lovely. What do you think about my garden? Let me know about yours. Thanks for reading!

💜 Brooke