Hey guys! 

So it’s summer! That’s great right? Warm weather, fresh flowers, summer fruit. Basically what’s not to love about summer. With all the nice weather, there is so much to do! So how do you keep a toddler busy? Specially on those rainy summer days. Well I am here to give you some ideas. These are some fun and distracting things to keep your little ones busy. 


So my little man loves to play in his sandbox. It’s fun and he learns fine motor skills. We have ours on our porch that has a roof, so even if it’s raining a little bit, he is still able to play. 


It’s summer time, you have to go swimming. I think I got this kiddie pool from walmart for $15. Its wonderful! We use it, my dogs use it. (Really, all 3 of us and my 2 dogs have all been in it at the same time) for those hot summer day it’s great. Just always remember adult suprevision is recommended. 

We play with chalk a lot. It’s a great way for the little ones to learn how to hold small objects such as pencils,chalk &crayons correctly. We’re still learning this one. Ha. But he loves it. Just needs to learn he can’t eat the chalk (good thing I bought nontoxic!) 


This is perfect for those rainy days. He got a stone maker for his birthday a few months ago, finally put this bad boy to use. He was so excited to be able to paint it! 


As you can see, we have 2 hyper and large dogs. We take them for walks and hikes everyday. My son loves it. He gets a chance to run around and burn some energy. Just let kids explore and have fun. 


Fishing is another one of those summer favorites. He enjoyed getting to learn how to do so. He’s a natural. Again adult supervison is recommended. 

Some other things to do with your little ones are; coloringbooks, playground, gardening (altho my son likes to pick all the flowers) movie night and just having fun. We do alot of puzzles and blocks with my son

What kind of things do you do with your little ones? Let me know below. Thanks for reading!

šŸ’œ Brooke 

Please don’t copy/take any pictures as they are mine and very precious to me. Thanks.