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August 2017

My nightly routine 

Hey guys!  So it's been a little bit since I last wrote. Sorry about that. Between work and wedding planning, I have been extremely busy. So I thought about what I haven't shared with you! How about my nightly routine.... Continue Reading →


Elf haul | review

Hey guys! So I decided that I was going to go ahead and do an elf cosmetics haul. I got a ton of products at a very reasonable price! I think I spent like $25 on all of this. I... Continue Reading →

Kkw lipstick creme | review

Hey guys! Okay so I just recently bought the kkw and kylie cosmetics créme liquid lipstick! I was so excited to finally try it. So I figure I'd share my first impression and review with you! So starting off the... Continue Reading →

Children’s books | our favorites

Hey guys! So as a mother to a little one, we have a ton of kids books. It's our nightly routine to go and pick one out to read before bed. I usually let him pick, but he tends to... Continue Reading →

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