Hey guys!

So as a mother to a little one, we have a ton of kids books. It’s our nightly routine to go and pick one out to read before bed. I usually let him pick, but he tends to pick the same one over & over & overyou get it.  So I figured why not share some of the ones I like and ones that my two year old likes. 

                My favorites

Little Owl’s Night

So this is one of the cutest bedtime books that I have found! It’s simple for a kid to understand and the pictures are wonderful! 

The Huey’s in what’s the opposite

Okay so this one is just too cute! Helps teach your kids the opposite of all kinds of things. The art style in it, is just beyond amazing. So simple yet so adorable. Plus it is funny, what’s not to love!

Penguins love colors

Okay so I call my son, my penguin. So of course I’m going to buy all kinds of penguin books. This one tho is my favorite! Helps teach kids the different colors. I’m a sucker for art, so again this book has great illustrations! Plus it has the cuteness and wackiness to it. 

The little boy who lost his name

So I had this book made my for son. I absoultly love it. It goes thru each letter of their first name with different themes for each one. It’s so cute! It has a lot of words so I can’t keep my 2 year Olds attention for this one just yet. But one day I’m sure he will love it. It’s personalized! Who wouldnt love a book about them. 

                 My son’s favorites

Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?

This one is my sons absoulte favorite book right now. We read this alot! As we are reading it I do the animal noises with him. So cute watching a 2 year old quack, bark and meow!

If you give a mouse a cookie

This one is just too cute! I love reading this one and watching my sons expressions. I always ask what happens next? He doesn’t answer but is excited to find out. 

The very hungry caterpillar

I remember this book when I was growing up and I remembered I loved it so much. I am so glad that he does as well! 

So those are some of our favorites. What are yours or your kids favs? Let me know, I am always looking for new books. Hope you found some new ones to get for your little ones. Thanks for reading!

💜 Brooke