Hey guys!

So I decided that I was going to go ahead and do an elf cosmetics haul. I got a ton of products at a very reasonable price! I think I spent like $25 on all of this. I got things I’ve been wanting to try and I’m so excited to share my first impression with you guys!  So let’s do it!


So I am very fair skin, so I got the foundation in porcelain. I love that it is a pump foundation! When I first put it on, I was amazed that a little goes a long way! Although, it did leave my skin feeling sticky at first. That eventually faded. Over all very good coverage and matches my skin color perfectly! 


Okay so this one weirded me out at first. It’s so flat at the top, but worked out perfectly! It covers and is super easy to blend. I felt like it really helped my “mommy eyes”. Haha. I like it. 

Concealer stick

Okay so I got the concealer stick in a darker color to use as a contour. First thoughts, I’m a little bummed its so yellow! So I put it on as if I’m contouring my face. Okay my face turned yellow, very hard to blend. After a good minute of blending I finally got it. I still feel like it’s too yellow for my skin, but it did look nice afterwards. 

Contour pallette 

Okay so just incase I didn’t favor the concealer stick for contouring, I bought a contour pallette. I was so excited to find out it was a powder instead of the wax/créme type. Over all I am very pleased, it blends so well. Although I felt like I needed more on my brush than I was wanting. But that’s okay! I also used the highlighter and it was lovely!

Eyebrow pencil

Okay, I have been in search for a good eyebrow pencil.. I am in love! I used very little and my eyebrows stayed and formed exactly how I wanted. I’ll need to practice the perect eyebrow now! 


Okay I am always willing to try new mascaras! The brush was a bit small and thin, but it worked perfectly. I felt like it smeared a bit at first, but honestly what mascara doesn’t when it’s brand new! It really made my eyes look bigger and my eyelashes longer. 

Setting spray

Okay I have been needing a setting spray so bad! This one makes you feel so refreshed, And it actually works pretty good! I will keep you updated! To see if in a few weeks when the humidity gets worse if i still am in aww! 

So over all I really enjoyed and liked the products I ended up getting! I would have to say my favorite being the eyebrow pencil. I’m not sure if you have tried it before, but I love it! 

So are you a fan of elf cosmetics? What is your favorites? Let me know and as always thanks for reading! If you want more beauty and makeup reviews or some turtorials, please let me know. I really enjoy doing them! 

💜 Brooke