Hey guys! 

So it’s been a little bit since I last wrote. Sorry about that. Between work and wedding planning, I have been extremely busy. So I thought about what I haven’t shared with you! How about my nightly routine. After a long busy day, there is nothing better than taking off the makeup and soothing your skin. So let me share what I use!

First, I start off with washing the makeup off. Not going to lie, I first use baby wipes to take most of it off. Then next I use my face wash.

I use the youth to the people. I absoultly love this. It makes me skin feel so clean and fresh. Plus you smell earthy. It doesn’t leave the stickiness that you sometimes run into with other face washes. It’s pretty pricy tho. So when I found a little sample of it, I snatched it up. I will be buying a bigger bottle in the future. 🙂

Next I put on some moisterizer. 

Recently I have been using the tatcha, water cream. I love how it immediately adds moisture to your skin. It has helped with my redness and my acne. It’s wonderful! 

So I wait a few minutes to really let the moisterizer settle in. After that drys I move on to a serum. 

I am in love with the tarte, maracuja oil. I have tred so many antiaging serums since I was 16.  That was 11 years ago.. so finally this last year and a half I have only been using one. And here it is! I will forever have this in my makeup bag! 

So after the serum and of course after brushing my teeth, I use a lip scrub. I have used some in the past. But I found one recently that I really like. 

The elf, lip scrub in mint. I was truly amazed how well this works! I’m a huge fan of mint. so how great is it to have something to help soothe and repair your lips that taste good too! 

So I use all 4 of those products every night. I would say once a week I do use a mask after the face wash and before the moisterizer. 

So I switch between two face masks. I use the boscia, black mask every other week. And in between use of the boscia, I make my own collegen mask. 

So I use the neoćell, collagen. Here’s my recipe for it;

1/2 a scoop of collagen

1 tablespoon of water

1 teaspoon of raw honey

I just mix those together to make a paste. Put that on my face for about 15 mins. Wash off. Bam your done. 

What do you guys do every night? Do you have your own beauty loves? Let me know what product you love below. Thanks for reading!

💜 Brooke