Beauty starts within, The inside of a cupcake.

Essential oils |what I use them for

Hey guys! so I don't about you, but as soon as I found out about essential oils, I jumped to it. And I am in love. I thought that it was crazy like a placebo effect. And maybe it is,... Continue Reading →


Jaclyn hill pallette | review

Hey guys! So today I am going to give you my review on the Jaclyn Hill pallete! Okay so first, I was extremely excited about this, I made sure I had my money ready to go for weeks before the... Continue Reading →

It’s been a while. 

Hey guys, so it's been a while since I was last on. 1 due to I had a terrible phone so it would always exit out of the app. 2 so much has happened.  So first off I got a... Continue Reading →

Smoothie craze.

Hey guys! So its been what a week now of doing yoga everyday. And a total of 5 lbs and some inches...gone! I'm so happy. Even though sometimes its hard to do yoga for a consistent 15 mins cause my... Continue Reading →

Kids life.

Hey guys! So yesterday my fiancé was playing his drums. Then when we was done I took our son in so he could play. My son is 9 months. He really liked them. So today we bought him a little... Continue Reading →

Yoga for the new.

Hey guys! Okay, so first let me say that, I am currently 9 months postpartum. I gained a whopping 40+ pounds with my son. How? I went for hikes everyday, ate good, excersized.. still this baby wanted more room. So... Continue Reading →

Diy shampoo/conditioner.

Hey guys! So if you're like me you color your hair a lot. Well that only means one thing.. Damaged hair. Well my hair is damaged to no end and fizzy. Dry, frizzy, damaged hair...not pretty. So I found something... Continue Reading →

Club feet

Hey guys! So being a first time mom. You're already scared of everything to come. So when I found out I was pregnant. I was so excited for my little rainbow baby. I was nervous, excited, and scared. I've never... Continue Reading →

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog! So first thing first, wanna know what I'll be talking about? Yes? OK let's do this! Need hair help? Good news.. I'm a licensed cosmetologist. Ill show you tutorials and give you my diy's... Continue Reading →

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