Beauty starts within, The inside of a cupcake.

Elf haul | review

Hey guys! So I decided that I was going to go ahead and do an elf cosmetics haul. I got a ton of products at a very reasonable price! I think I spent like $25 on all of this. I... Continue Reading →

Kkw lipstick creme | review

Hey guys! Okay so I just recently bought the kkw and kylie cosmetics créme liquid lipstick! I was so excited to finally try it. So I figure I'd share my first impression and review with you! So starting off the... Continue Reading →

Children’s books | our favorites

Hey guys! So as a mother to a little one, we have a ton of kids books. It's our nightly routine to go and pick one out to read before bed. I usually let him pick, but he tends to... Continue Reading →

National lipstick day | my favorites 

Hey guys!  So it's national lipstick day! So I figured why not share some of my favorites. Usually I go with the nude shades, but I do have some bold ones that I love. So let's get to it!  It... Continue Reading →

My workout routine

Hey guys! So everyone has some kind of workout plan that works for them. Let me share my workout routine. I go for a 30-40 min walk everyday. I have hyper dogs, they need it as much as I do!... Continue Reading →

Crafts with a 2 year old | keeping a toddler busy

Hey guys!  So it's summer! That's great right? Warm weather, fresh flowers, summer fruit. Basically what's not to love about summer. With all the nice weather, there is so much to do! So how do you keep a toddler busy?... Continue Reading →

My everyday makeup

Hey guys!  So as I was thinking of what to write about today, I was getting ready for the day. So I figured why not share my secrets on what I do everyday. So let's get started! Moisturizer So I... Continue Reading →

Garden | whats in my garden

Hey guys!  So are any of you gardeners? In the months before spring, I am so excited to get my garden going. I mark my calender on when to start indoors, and when to move them outside. For the area... Continue Reading →

Essential oils |what I use them for

Hey guys! so I don't about you, but as soon as I found out about essential oils, I jumped to it. And I am in love. I thought that it was crazy like a placebo effect. And maybe it is,... Continue Reading →

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